Industry Tables & Calculators For Your Convenience in Las Vegas, NV

Decisions about wiring, grounding, and how many amps a circuit can accommodate takes a lot of complex math. Or, you can take advantage of the industry tables and calculators PLI has provided here for your convenience. Feel free to use these resources whenever you wish, and call or visit our store in Las Vegas, NV, for the best selection and prices on wholesale lighting and electrical supplies.

Conduit Fill Tables

EMT, IMC and Rigid 

Equipment Grounding Tables

Equipment Grounding Table
Service Equipment Grounding Table

Full Load Amp Ratings


PLI takes no responsibility for any false or misleading information contained in the tables and calculators provided here. The use of these tables and/or calculators is the sole responsibility of the user. PLI does not guarantee that the results produced by using these tables and/or calculators are correct or applicable in all situations. The user must also understand that the National Electrical Code may or may not be legally acceptable in their area. Furthermore, electrical codes may be modified or superseded by the locality in which the work is done.

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